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A Spacecraft Is Going To Build Its Own Solar Panels In Space: Archinaut One - Fraser Cain
As I’ve mentioned in several episodes now, humanity is in a bit of a transition period, a time when it makes sense to launch material up and out of Earth’s g...

NASA’s Amazon forest fire map shows just how much trouble we’re in - SlashGear
NASA has published a new sequence showing the carbon monoxide plume generated by the wildfires in Brazil, tracking the changes each day starting from August 8. The country has experienced record wi…

How a Bitter Divorce Battle on Earth Led to Claims of a Crime in Space - The New York Times
NASA is examining a claim that an astronaut improperly accessed the bank account of her estranged spouse from the Space Station.

Russian humanoid robot named Fedor heads for the International Space Station - CNN
A Russian spacecraft vaulted into Earth's orbit this week with a lone passenger: A life-sized, artificially intelligent, humanoid robot by the name of Fedor.

NASA news: Hubble telescope snaps dying star in a ‘gloomy scene’ that confused astronomers -
NASA’S Hubble Space Telescope snapped this incredible picture of a dying star that confused astronomers who first encountered it.

A Spacecraft Is Going To Assemble Its Own Solar Panels In Space: Archinaut One - Universe Today
As I’ve mentioned in several episodes now, humanity is in a bit of a transition period, a time when it makes sense to launch material up and out of Earth’s gravity well into orbit, and beyond. But it’s really expensive, costing up to $10,000 per pound you wan…

Paleontologists Find 231 Million Years Old 'Scrat,' A Saber-Toothed Triassic Squirrel - Great Lakes Ledger
Paleontologists have recently discovered the remains of an animal that lived 230 million years ago, and it looks a lot...

Astronomers Peer Deep into Turbulent Atmosphere of Jupiter | Astronomy -
An international team of astronomers has managed to peer deep into the Jovian atmosphere using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) and several space- and ground-based optical and radio telescopes.

Watch NASA’s fiery Orion launch abort system ace its latest test - SlashGear
NASA’s Artemis 2 mission is one step closer to launch, with the Orion spacecraft acing another fiery pre-takeoff test as it prepares to carry astronauts into space. Due to launch sometime by …

Breath! Respiring microbes generate more energy - Phys.Org
How do cells generate and use energy? This question might seem simple, but the answer is far from simple. Furthermore, knowing how microbial cell factories consume energy and how proteins are allocated to do so is crucial when working with industrial fermenta…

Laser-produced uranium plasma evolves into more complex species -
When energy is added to uranium under pressure, it creates a shock wave, and even a tiny sample will be vaporized like a small explosion. By using smaller, controlled explosions, physicists can test on a microscale in a safe laboratory environment what could …

Alien Search Earth Might Not Be the Most Hospitable Planet out There - Futurism
It's technically possible other worlds are better suited for life.

Astronauts Add Docking Bay For Private Spaceships to Space Station - Futurism
Spacecraft such as Boeing's Starliner or SpaceX's Crew Dragon could make use of it soon.

A little gorgeousness for you, c/o the spiral galaxy M61 - SYFY WIRE
There are days — and for me it's pretty much every day — when we can all use a spectacular shot of a magnificent spiral galaxy. Is today such a day for you? Then I'm glad to help. But first, a brief description…

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