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China's Mars rover took a selfie - Engadget
China's Zhurong Mars rover has sent a group selfie documenting its exploration of the Red Planet..

Rogue Exoplanets Lurking in Space Could Have Habitable Moons, Scientists Say - ScienceAlert
It's hard to tell what's lurking out there, in the dark voids between the stars.

Scientist Say They Now Know How an Aurora Occurs - Newser
A group of physicists re-created the wave that causes the northern lights

NASA's Mars rover shares new 2.4 billion-pixel, 360-degree panoramic image from Jezero - SYFY WIRE
Since gently dropping down onto the Red Planet's surface on Feb. 18, NASA's amazing Perseverance Mars rover has been quite busy, trundling around Jezero Crater, deploying a little drone helicopter, making microphone recordings, and capturing more than 75,000 …

Time-lapse video shows the ice shelf of one of Antarctica's largest glaciers breaking into large chunks - Business Insider
Time-lapse footage of Pine Island Glacier between 2017 and 2020 shows its ice shelf breaking into large pieces, threatening environmental disaster.

This ancient dinosaur would give today's blue whale a run for its money - CNN
This week, scientists revived a 24,000-year-old critter, decoded the northern lights, uncovered a massive dinosaur, detected mysterious radio bursts from space, and more.

Climate 'tipping points' could push us past the point-of-no-return after less than 2 degrees of warming -
Nearly one-third of the 3 million simulations run by scientists showed disastrous effects within 2 degrees of warming, and scientists say their estimates are conservative.

Battery Technology Breakthrough: An Atomic Look at Lithium-Rich Batteries - SciTechDaily
Batteries have come a long way since Volta first stacked copper and zinc discs together 200 years ago. While the technology has continued to evolve from lead-acid to lithium-ion, many challenges still exist — like achieving higher density and suppressing dend…

Astronomers discover 'blinking giant' star near the center of the Milky Way - CNET
A mammoth star is playing an interesting game of hide and seek.

Twice the size of the Hollywood sign: One of the largest dinosaur species in the world discovered in Australia - Yahoo News
Scientists confirmed the finding of a new species of dinosaur, Australotitan cooperensis, that was one of the largest in the world, study says.

NASA is finally advancing a space telescope that could track down dangerous asteroids before they strike Earth - Yahoo News
Potentially hazardous asteroids often skim past Earth without warning. A space telescope that looks for them could help scientists defend the planet.

European Space Agency Ready to Study the Original Structure of the Universe - Gizmodo
The agency revealed its grand plan for the next 30 years, including research into potentially hospitable exoplanets and the earliest era of the Universe.

A New Space Discovery May 'Overturn Cosmology As We Know It' - Nerdist
A team of cosmologists says a new discovery of a "giant arc" of galaxies, which has a unique formation may challenge our perception of the universe.

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